Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wake up Call?

I think so.  I went to my trim and tone class tonight.  The instructor had us doing jumping squats, where it is kind of like a jumping jack, only squats with it.  It hurt.....quite a bit.  And the rest of the session, I was running on less cause I hurt my knees in this process.  I'm 33, my knees "shouldn't" hurt from a little jumping.

Another confession?  I haven't weighed myself since I was at the doctors right after Thanksgiving and I weighed in at 215.  Which was 30 pounds higher than my lowest weigh in of 185 two years ago.  I have been "trying" to get eating under control, but my stress at work has been at an all time high.  And it seems like I can't control what is going into my mouth.  It's mindless eating.  And it needs to stop.  The good news of all this?  I have been working out regularly. 

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